Flash Drive

With so much school work done today with the help of computers students have to be responsible for the safeguarding of their work with their own flash drives. Flash drives permit students to access their work on home computers as well as school computers. We supply a wide range of flash drives including swivel usb flash drives and eco drives made from recycled materials.

usb flash drive
Compact USB Flash Drive with swivel metal cover to protect the USB connector. Available in a range of colours.
From £P.O.A.
usb memory sticks
Tiny rectangular USB Flash Drive with sliding USB plug, eliminating the need for a separate lid. Keyring attachment.
From £P.O.A.
custom flash drives
Custom flash drive in anodised aluminium. Can be personalised with bubble domed labels in full colour.
From £P.O.A.
usb sticks
Ultra flat modern design USB Sticks available in a range of colours and can be personlised with your school details.
From £P.O.A.
usb memory drive
Top selling USB Memory Drive available in a range of bright attractive colours. Can be personalised with your school details.
From £P.O.A.
pen drive
Attractively capsule shaped usb pen drive in a smooth rubber effect finish. Can be personalised with your school details.
From £P.O.A.
usb drives
Silver finish usb drives available in a range of trim colours. Large print area suitable for personalising with your school details.
From £P.O.A.
memory stick wristband
Flash memory drive in a soft rubber wristband. Ideal for schools and in a choice of bright colours
From £P.O.A.
usb pen drive
USB Pen Drive made from recycled newspaper - an environmentally friendly usb flash drive suited to schools
From £P.O.A.
usb flash memory drive
USB Flash Memory Drive made from 100% recycled plastic. Can be personalised with your school details..
From £P.O.A.
flash drives
Flash Drives made from bamboo, an environmentally friendly choice especially suitable for schools
From £P.O.A.
promotional flash drives
USB Flash Drives made from biodegradable corn polymer. An ideal Flash drive showing your green credentials.
From £P.O.A.

Flash Drives - Safe storage of your data

Keep your school usb flash drives safe... attach them to a lanyard or a set of keys. That way you always have your data to hand.

USB Flash Drives - Personalisation options

USB Flash Drives can be personalised with your school details on the case. USB Flash drives can also be pre-loaded with data before distribution. School relevent information such as timetables, course outlines and other information can all be included upon request.