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Key Holder

Prismatic Reflector Keyring, keep your keys safe or attach to your school bag as a road safety aid. Can be printed with your school details on the front or back.

Quantity 25 50 100 250
Unit Price £ £ £ £
Product Specification
Features Moulded with integral prisms to ensure optimum reflectiveness from traffic headlights.
EN13356 certfied.
Available in a range of shapes and colours.
Plastic Hanging strap also available.
Colours 4 Colours. View Colour Options
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We stock a wide range of schoolwear and workwear so if you do not see what you are looking for please call us as we will most likely have it, or we may be able to produce it bespoke for you.


Another small but essential item for today's student. Choose from acrylic keyrings that can be personalised with your school details, loop type keyrings which are easy to find and hold and our teddy bear keyrings. Perhaps not the preferred choice of the young male student but fun and friendly and we all need a bit of fun at school today. Key wallets meet two needs in one personalised gift. Keeping your money safe and your keys to hand.

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